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    AC Servomotor, 48VDC, Leistung: 750W; Dauer-/Spitzenmoment: 2,4 Nm/4,8 Nm; Dauer-/Spitzendrehzahl: 3000/4000 Umdr./Min.; Enkoder: 2500 P/R (15 Wires); Key way Welle; Gewicht: 3,46kg; inkl. Bremse; Warentarifnummer: 85015100: Mehrphasen-Wechselstrommotoren mit einer Leistung von > 750 W bis 7,5 kW

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    Allgemeine Beschreibung

    AC servo motor with brake that realizes compactness by adopting high performance neodymium magnet, laser soldering technology, and high density winding technology. KAFZ Series can be applied to diverse areas of precision automation machinery such as various industrial robot systems and semiconductor manufacturing equipments.

    AC Servo Motor

    • Rated/Max. Rotation Speed revs./min.: 3000/4000
    • Voltage: 48VDC
    • Power: 750W
    • Cont.-/Peak Torque: 2,4Nm/4,8Nm
    • Encoder: 2500 P/R (15 wires)
    • Weight: 3,46kg
    • w/ Brake
    • Key way shaft


    • Ultra compactness
    • light servomotor
    • Excellent product life cycle with high reliability
    • Able to manufacture products that satisfies various specification needs of customers


    • Robots
    • Semiconductor manufacturing instruments
    • Chip mounters
    • Inserters
    • XY tables

    For other configurations please contact us (encoder resolutions, absolute encoders, shafts, brakes, oil seal, aso.)

    Data Sheet and Technical Information


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