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We offer PC-based Motion Controller,  Chips for stepper motor and stepmotor-like servo systems servo drives and AC servo motors for an efficient automation. Available with various interfaces such as serial, CAN-, USB-, Powerlink- and Ethernet-interfaces and provide many possibilities to find a customized solution.

The  Click & Move-Software allows for efficient design of HMI applications for use AMC's digital servo drives of the DigiFlex-Performance series.

Nova Electronics offers  chips for stepper motor control for simultaneous control of up to 4 axes. Different variants are available, which if necessary also include the integration of interpolation functions. There can also be used in stepping motor-like servo systems - e.g. AMC's DigiFlex-Performance servo drives  with pulse & direction signal input.

Komotek offers  AC servo motors  which cover a high power range of 30W - 15KW. 90% of the motors produced at Komotek are custom-specific solutions. If you can not find the desired model in the shop, then ask us directly and give us your desired specifications.

Flexibility, rich functionality, high performance and affordable price, whether as a standalone solution or as a decentralized control - everything is possible!